Alternatives to Time Outs is an eight (8) video training course including the following lessons to promote positive discipline:
  • Time Ins and Calm Down Times (7:22 total time)
  • Calm Down Space (16:00 total time)
  • Calm Down Box (10:31 total time)
  • Grounding Exercises (13:49 total time)
  • "Make a Different Choice" (1:58 total time)
  • Dignified Choices (15:45 total time)
  • Natural vs Logical Consequences (10:29 total time)
  • Guidance Talks (8:34 total time)
To reinforce your learning, include a 60-75 minute private online or telephone Coaching Session with Cady & Martha following completion of this course! Get started now! Want to gift our Alternatives to Time Outs online video course to someone you care about? Purchase a Gift eCard now!