Compassionate Childcare offers many options to enhance, overhaul, or simply refresh your parenting, nannying, or teaching practices.

Caregiving is hard. Just like any other endurance sport, sometimes it takes concentrated coaching to optimize your game.

Compassionate Childcare can provide confidential, “just-right” packages of coaching. Whether you need a comprehensive package that involves multiple in-person visits for observation with coaching as well as phone support, or a simple phone call consultation, or something in between, complete a Request below to get started!

Because we believe that every caregiver deserves support and empowerment, we have a sliding fee scale. Please do not let your finances be the reason you don’t seek out the help you need to be your most compassionate self.

We are here for you!


Group Coaching

Caring for children, and ourselves, is easier when we do it in community. Group coaching is a great option to work on your goals as a parent, caregivers, and educator with your community – your built-in accountability partners! There is power in numbers. Gather your group and submit your Request today!

Session Scheduling & Deposit

In order to book a one-time or recurring group coaching session, a 25% deposit is required. If you need to cancel as a whole group, you may do so 7 days prior to the scheduled date to receive a refund for the entire deposit.

Refunds for whole group cancellations made less than 7 days prior to the scheduled session cannot be honored.

Monthly Group Rates (60-75 minute session)

This continuing group coaching package allows your group to decide what, when, and how many sessions you want and need – the group chooses the topics. Sessions will be built around the interests of the caregivers in the group. This type of session helps build an emotionally safe caregiving community for group members to discuss fears, struggles, and successes without shame or blame.

  • One (1) session per month = $150 per member per month
  • Two (2) sessions per month = $300 per member per month 
Monthly Group Session Request

One-Time Group Rates (60-75 minute session)

Compassionate Childcare, LLC can provide your group a one-time 60-75 minute in-person or online zoom speaker service session that covers either a pre-determined childcare topic or a general overview regarding positive discipline techniques to help attendees improve their childcare skills. A Q&A session is included following our presentation.

  • Up to 30 attendees: $300
  • 31-50 attendees: $500
  • 51-100 attendees: $750
  • 100+ attendees: $1000
One-Time Group Session Request

One-on-One Coaching

Receive highly individualized private coaching sessions that are tailored to address the specific areas for which you need support in your caregiving journey. We know the importance of finding the right coach for you and your family. In order to make sure we’re a good fit for your family, we offer the following:

$25 for First Individual Coaching Session up to 45 minutes

$200 for Subsequent Individual Coaching Sessions of 60-75 minutes

One-on-One Session

Session Rescheduling & Refunds

We understand that while caring for yourselves and little ones, things may come up. If you need to reschedule an appointment, you may do so freely up to 3 days prior to the coaching session date and time.

For cancellation needs less than 3 days prior, or repeated cancellations and reschedules from a single client, an additional non-refundable appointment deposit will be required to hold future appointments. This deposit will be 25% of the original cost of the coaching session. Extreme or extenuating circumstances will be considered when assigning deposit stipulations or when allowing deposit refunds for cancellations less than 3 days prior to a session.

30-Minute Targeted Troubleshooting Call

Are you grappling with a specific issue or behavior? Do you need support in speaking with another important adult? Are you looking for specific tactics and tools to help you along your caregiving journey?

Our 30-Minute Targeted Troubleshooting Call could be the answer you need!

Submit a Request to take the first step toward getting the help you want. You will then receive a return email or text message from us indicating whether we can help you with your issue.

Cost for this call is $60 per 30 minutes, with prepayment online using a link we will provide you via email or text message.

Request Troubleshooting Call

Interested but can’t afford it?

Apply for our Abundance Opportunity or Pay What You Can programs!

Abundance Opportunities are free acceptance to a specific individual coaching or group session based on extreme need.

Pay What You Can Programs are for individuals or groups who wish to contribute something toward a specific
individual coaching or group session, but cannot contribute the cost for the service in its entirety.

Apply as an individual or for a group. Responses to applications will typically arrive within 48-72 hours.

We believe that abundance is all around us. Sometimes all you need to do is ask!

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